Bringing gentle and reliable illumination to your examination.

This examination light combines a design made to put the patient at ease with “Medical LEDs” that ensure both accurate color visibility and distinguishability. Three types are available: the mobile stand type, the ceiling-mounted type, and the wall-mounted type. Choose the size, design and brightness that you need.

Recommended UsesOperating room/Emergency Room/Delivery Room/ICU/Sick ward

Cute and compact

This examination LED light has a natural and soft design
that easily fits into your environment and puts patients at ease.

“Ultra-high color rendering LEDs” achieve reliable visibility and distinguishability

We used “Ultra-high color rendering LEDs” to achieve a high index of 96 for the R9 value. This corresponds to red(blood) in the special color rendering index (Ri), an index that includes colors close to the human body. This makes the colors of blood, organs, and tissue in the operative field more visible and distinguishable, helping improve the precision of operations.

Light that is gentle on your eyes with reduced risk of blue light

Doctors who continue to look at an operation site under an abnormally bright light experience tired eyes due to blue light. “Medical LEDs”reduce the blue light risk and achieve a spectrum that does not strain the eyes.

Low-glare light that makes the operation site visible and improves operation efficiency

The unique optical design prevents glare when illuminated on the operation site. This significantly reduces eye strain and discomfort for doctors, who must continue to look at the operation site over a long period of time.

Light unit which reduces brightness

The light unit is designed to have a structure that prevents the
LEDs from interfering with your work.

This structure prevents
the physician and support staff from feeling uncomfortable

Sterile handle

The sterile handle for the 03 Series is detachable and replaceable.


Product name products_clover_spec_photo01mobile stand type
products_clover_spec_photo02mobile stand type
products_clover_spec_photo03wall-mounted type
products_clover_spec_photo04ceiling-mounted type
LED technology > CS01GV/CS03GV/CW03GV/CV03GVUltra-high color rendering LEDs
Light head diameter > CS01GVApprox. φ210mm > CS03GV/CW03GV/CV03GVApprox. φ360mm
LED technology > CS01GV/CS03GV/CW03GV/CV03GV40,000 hours (up to 70% light intensity)
Rated input voltage/ Power consumption > CS01GVAC 100 to 240 V,

50/60 Hz, 30 VA (MAX)

> CS03GV/CW03GV/CV03GVAC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 45 VA (MAX)
Central illuminance (Ec / at 80cm) > CS01GVApprox. 30,000Lux > CS03GV/CW03GV/CV03GVApprox. 75,000Lux
Central illuminance (Ec of 80 cm) > CS01GV110 W/m2 (Maximum) > CS03GV/CW03GV/CV03GV280 W/m2 (Maximum)
Color temperature (K) > CS01GV/CS03GV/CW03GV/CV03GVApprox. 4,250 ± 250 K
Color rendering index *1 > CS01GV/CS03GV/CW03GV/CV03GVRa: 98 (Typical value), R9: 92 (Typical value)
Light field diameter/Brightness adjustment > CS01GVApprox. φ160mm > CS03GV/CW03GV/CV03GVφ160 mm/Dimmer switch (30 to 100%)
Net weight > CS01GVApprox. 4.5kg > CS03GVApprox. 21kg > CW03GVApprox. 15kg > CV03GVApprox. 21kg

*1: The described values are typical values, and are not guaranteed.

* Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to product improvements, etc.


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