Joint Development Example

An example of joint development by YAMADA SHADOWLESS LAMP is introduced below.

A desk light that protects the eyes of children

Joint-development company
Jointly developed product
Product introduction
BALMUDA The Light is a desk light that was designed based on thorough consideration of the eyes of children. The light uses proprietary technology to protect the eyes of children and foster their creativity by using optimal lighting that did not exist until now.

Based on the concept of offering accurate but gentle light, YAMADA SHADOWLESS LAMP has been continuously developing medical lighting for many years. In addition, the company considers this concept important not only for medical environments but for learning environments as well, and the company participated in joint development in relation to this.

It is never good when the colors of pictures or photos in a textbook differ from the intended appearance.
BALMUDA The Light uses a solar LED that makes it possible to provide lighting that brings out the actual colors and helps foster the ability of children to see.

In addition, because the LED is close to the wavelength of sunlight, it produces gentle lighting that reduces both the blue-light and eye fatigue.

On top of that, Forward Beam Technology—light-diffusion technology that applies surgical-light reflection technology—makes it possible to illuminate the nearby area from a distant location so as to avoid creating shadows in the child’s line of sight.

To YAMADA SHADOWLESS LAMP, the opportunity to contribute to the development of BALMUDA The Light was a very meaningful experience.