Free Control of Your Optimal Lighting Space

Control Panel IXM CKC gives you the power to get the maximum out of your vital ceiling lights and shadowless lamps to create a truly optimal light environment.
This control panel allows you to change room light settings (color temperature & brightness) to respond to any situation at a single touch.

Recommended UsesOperating room/Emergency Room/Delivery Room

Control light settings with intuitive operation.

A focus on usability for all.This control panel gives users the power to freely set color temperature, brightness of both ceiling lights and shadowless lamps, and other customized lighting conditions with simple operations.

Using unified control, you can create your own optimal medical lighting environment.

Shadowless lamps and ceiling lights can both be coordinated and changed through control panel operation.
Color temperature and brightness can be changed instantly, at a single touch, to fit any situation and allow you to create your own optimal medical light environment.

Staff preparation/Cleaning

Set the ceiling light to a high color temperature (noon sunlight: 6000 K).

Bringing in the Patient

Set the ceiling light to a gentle color temperature (warm color: 3000 K). This can help soothe a patient’s nerves when entering and leaving the surgery.

During Surgery

By setting both the ceiling light and shadowless lamps to the same color temperature (white: 4250 K), you can greatly reduce eye strain for the surgeon and staff.


Lower the ceiling light brightness to allow spot lighting with a shadowless lamp in the darkened room.

Adjust the brightness of multiple shadowless lamps simultaneously

Multiple shadowless lamps can be controlled together with Link Mode.Using the Link mode allows you to adjust multiple shadowless lamps to the same brightness.
* Simultaneous brightness adjustment is only possible from the control panel. Linked operation is not available from the shadowless lamps.


Product name products_ckc_spec_photo01
Unit dimensions W 218 × H 173 × D 60 mm (touch panel PC only)
Rated input voltage AC100–240 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 12 VA
Unit weight 1.2 kg (touch panel PC only)
Display size 7.5 inch
Touch panel type Analog resistance film
Touch panel service life 1,000,000 times or more
Backlight service life 50,000 hours or greater (time until backlight intensity of 50%)
Operating environment Ambient temperature: 5–35°C
Relative air moisture: 30–70% RH (indoor environment free of condensation)
Atmosphere pressure: 800–1,060 hPa
Environmental measures Radiation emissions CISPR11 Group 1 compliant
Noise terminal voltage CISPR11 Group 1 compliant
Incoming voltage harmonics control IEC61000-3-2 compliant
Voltage fluctuation and flicker IEC61000-3-3 compliant
IEC61000-4-2 (Level 3) compliant
IEC61000-4-3 (Level 2) compliant
IEC61000-4-4 (Level 3) compliant
IEC61000-4-5 (Level 3) compliant
IEC61000-4-6 (Level 2) compliant
IEC61000-4-8 (Level 2) compliant
IEC61000-4-11 compliant

*This unit (CKC) is only connectable to base lights (CK).

*Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to product improvements, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

*Stainless cosmetic panel size is adjusted separately.

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