Message & Vision


Since its foundation in 1927 , “Originality and Elevation” has been the company slogan.
As modern medical care progresses, the level of quality for medical devices has also increased dramatically, and so we must continue to evolve.
“Offer an accurate but gentle light for medical practices” as a slogan, has been our guide as we develop medical light.
We will do our best to help our customers solve their problems.
We look forward to your continued support and guidance in the future.

Kazuaki Yamasaki, President

Corporate Vision Policy

Originality and ElevationOriginality and Elevation

The vision that we at Yamada Shadowless Lamps, have inherited as pioneers in Japan’s surgery light industry, is Originality and Elevation.

With “Elevation” (meaning to Raise the spirit to new heights) of “Originality” (meaning the spirit create anew), we strive to create new corporate values.


Our Mission
Offer an accurate but gentle light for medical practices.
Our Customers
Medical practice workers
Our Value
Create customer satisfaction by offering an optimal light environment to every medical practice.