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Operating Room/Emergency Room/Delivery Room

  • IXM CJ

    This is our flagship model, using Yamada Shadowless Lamps’ original Medical LEDs.

  • IXM CR

    This is a standard model with our Medical LEDs.

  • IXM CS

    This is a stand-style clinical LED light. The battery-type can be used cordlessly, as well.

  • IXM CV

    This clinical LED ceiling-mounted suspended light offers a wide area of coverage.
    It can help ensure a plentiful medical care area.

  • IXM CW

    Wall mounted clinical LED light. This is optimal for rooms with low ceilings, etc.

  • IXM CK

    This LED ceiling light was developed specially for medical facilities. By combining it with shadowless lamps, it allows a truly optimal medical light environment.


    This control panel allows room lighting changes at a single touch. It allows integration of LED ceiling light fixtures and shadowless lamps (surgery lights).

  • Flat Ceiling Light

    Slim light for medical facilities using light guides.