Story of SKYLUX

That light can save lives…




Where there is light, there are shadows. 
Conventional wisdom...that we hope to defy.

If there were no shadows,
affected areas could be better seen.
This sense that eschews common knowledge is
what gives rise to our products.



Our history of accumulating skills and knowledge is unmatched.

We were founded in 1927.
We take great pride in our unbroken heritage of skills and knowledge, assets that no one can match.
We possess a tradition that cannot be built today.



All we do is for the lives and wellbeing of those you want to protect.

We all know
how important life and health are.
The work we do every day
directly effects the lives and health of people all over the world.
We recognize and accept that responsibility.



We've been working with medical practices for a very long time. And we will continue doing so.

Surgical techniques, medical personnel’s senses,
and perceptions of light differ for everyone.
Our long years of work in this area
has helped us understand this, develop for it, and offer solutions.



We want to offer products and services anyone can use, and that come as close as possible to your vision.

The true focus of medical practice are the health care professionals and the patients.
As we work to approach the ideal for each and every one of those,
we hope we can offer products and services which are easy for anyone to use.



To continue illuminating the world, we search for ideas and techniques previously unknown.

The medical world is one of battles with time.
To continue meeting the needs of the changing medical world,
we too must continue to change and adapt.
We will never cease pursuing the possibilities of light.